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When Watching Isn’t Enough

April 10, 2022 Series: Luke

Topic: Crucifixion Of Christ, EASTER Passage: Luke 23:33-49, Isaiah 53:4-8, 1 Corinthians 15:3, Matthew 27:44

There is not much in the Gospels about the physical suffering that the Lord Jesus went through on the cross.  The Bible does give us great detail on the reason that He went to the cross.  He went to the cross that He might take our sin and punishment on Him for our salvation.  This passage in Luke's account reminds us of the people that participated in the time that Jesus went and died on the cross.  We are reminded of the two criminals next to Jesus, one that believed and would be with Him in Paradise.  We see the greedy, mocking soldiers that continue their ugly behavior.  The crowd and leaders who enjoy jeering and laughing at Jesus.  The centurion at the end is a bright spot and believes.  The close associates of Jesus in contrast are far away and watch, which reminds us how commitment to Christ can be scary and how we need to draw close to Him. 

Primary Scripture: Luke 23:33-49

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