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February 20, 2022

Priority of Eternal Gain

Series: Luke Topic: parables Scripture: Luke 16:1-13, Matthew 6:19-21

This particular parable of the Lord is simple but rather confusing at first glance.  This is a parable about money and using our wealth wisely for the Lord's glory and for our eternal blessing.  The prime subject in this account is a shifty steward that is a prodigal himself, he wastes his master's possessions.  He is shrewd and devises a plan where he will ingratiate himself to the debtors and provide a temporary future for himself having lost his job, his income and home.  He slickly makes friends with the debtors by offering them to pay their debts with a discount.  The master compliments the steward, despite taking a loss, because of his ability to manipulate money for himself.  Our Lord reminds us to use unrighteous money for the Lord's sake, that in heaven we'll be welcomed by those that benefited. 

Primary Scripture: Luke 16:1-13

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