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Herod's Vital Question

August 29, 2021 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: Luke

Topic: Herod's Vital Question Passage: Luke 9:7-11, Matthew 14:1-2, Acts 3:6-7, Luke 23:6-12, John 18:38, John 14:6


The Apostles had gone out by twos and preached Christ and did miracles in His name.  Herod as the tetrarch or lesser ruler of that region, certainly would know that there was this going on from news that would spread.  Herod knows that the power behind what he has heard of them is all from Jesus.  Jesus had already caused an enormous stir in Galilee and this caused Herod to want to know, "who is He?"  The question must be answered by us all in order to be forgiven of our sin and have eternal life.

Primary Scripture: Luke 9:7-11

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