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Healing Power Of Jesus

February 21, 2021 Series: Luke

Topic: Healing Power of Jesus Passage: Luke 4:38-44, Matthew 46:23, Matthew 9:35, 2 Timothy 4:20, James 5:16

Healing Power of Jesus

Jesus is the Messiah and Luke in his Gospel has made that the specific purpose for the reader.  The Gospels are not some mere historical writings for our study, they are meant for the Spirit of God to take for our salvation.  Jesus in this passage shows His power over sin's destructiveness over the physical bodies of those that were stricken by sickness and disease.  Jesus instantaneously and by word or touch healed the bodies miraculously of literally thousands throughout that region.  He authenticated Himself as the Messiah and showed His power over sin's destructive power in both natural and supernatural concerns.

Primary Scripture: Luke 4:38-44

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