September 6, 2020

Noah, Canaan And The Curse

Series: GENESIS Topic: ARK Scripture: Genesis 9:18–10, Leviticus 18:28

Noah, Canaan And The Curse

If there were any thoughts that the Flood caused the end of sin in the world, there is a rude interruption by finding Noah in a morally weak moment getting drunk.  The sin is magnified by his son Ham revelling in his Father's disgrace and shame and leaving him in his state of being uncovered naked.  The other two brothers further have to cover their Father in show of respect.  Afterward Noah was aware of what happened and cursed his grandson Canaan and his line.  God never curses those that belong to him as believers.  The result is that the land of Canaan was wicked and an enemy of Israel.  Out of Shem came the line of Israel.

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