August 23, 2020

Get Out Of The Ark

Series: GENESIS Topic: The Flood Scripture: Genesis 8:1-22

Get Out Of The Ark

Those that refused the message of faith in the living God and did not get on the Ark of course never got off the Ark.  The Ark was the one safe habitat of God in this global destruction that took all the life on the earth.  We are reminded by this that God is not neutral about sin and will judge.  We also are reminded that we have a Savior in the Lord Jesus who keeps us all the way to glory.  God took care of Noah and his family, along with all the animal life on the Ark and the waters receded with the earth radically changed by the flood.  Noah got off the Ark and immediately worshiped the Lord.  We are reminded to move from our place of safety and go please the Lord.  

Primary Scripture: Genesis 8

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