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Why Did God Destroy The World?

August 2, 2020 Series: GENESIS

Topic: Why God destroyed the world Passage: Genesis 6:1-8

Why Did God Destroy The World?

We find the supernatural again enter into the realm of men.  The demonic come because of an unnatural passion for human women and a desire to cohabit with them.  This is an account of the wickedness of men, who obviously welcome these demons who take over their lives.  We find such shocking evil that here are men who worship demons along with the women that are involved.  We are reminded here that Noah preached to these people for 120 years and the Spirit in His patience and grace would no longer strive with them and the world would be destroyed.  The result was that only the family of Noah accepted the truth of believing the living God.  

Primary Scripture: Genesis 6:1-8


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