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Core Functions of the Church

August 5, 2018 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: Acts of the Apostles

Topic: The Church Passage: Acts 11:25–12:12

God in His matchless grace includes the Gentiles as a major part of His saving grace in the establishing of the Church.  The gospel was given at Antioch and there were many Gentiles saved and that established a church under the direction of Barnabas and Paul.  There were certain important features that were core and primary in the early Church that continues today to be important to the modern Church.  First of all there was the obvious prominence of teaching the new believers the truth and so that they would tell others as well.  Secondly there was a real need to love others as seen by the selfless behavior of not only giving to the poor famine stricken Christians in Judea, but their very lives.  Lastly, it is a core function for a church to be busy enlisting the Lord to help them by praying for God's help and blessing.

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