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May 13, 2018

Stephen's Sermon

Series: ACTS Topic: The Book of Acts Scripture: Acts 7:1-60, Genesis 6:11,13

Stephen is accused of blasphemy by the religious leaders and is being tried.  Stephen gives an account of the Old Testament of the historic rejection by the Israelites of God, of the truth, of the Word and the Prophets.  Stephen goes from being the accused to the accuser that they are just like their Fathers and continue to reject the things of God including the Messiah Himself the Lord Jesus Christ whom they put to death.  They are the blasphemers.  This so infuriated the religious leaders that they gnashed their teeth at Stephen in an uncontrolled rage and proceeded to stone the man who had the face of an angel.  His blissful end is a testimony of God's grace to saints that are martyred for the sake of Christ.

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