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When Adversity Comes

November 8, 2020 Series: Adversity

Topic: Suffering, Adversity Passage: James 5:13-18, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Psalm 23, Psalm 46, Isaiah 49

When Adversity Comes

 As we approach Thanksgiving and prepare to be grateful to God for all His blessings, it seems we struggle with the adversity that we have faced this year.  Some folks have seen the death of loved ones, or have had much sickness and others have had lots of stress and tension because of the Covid and the situations that have developed because of it.  The Bible reminds us that God is there even in the darkest hour and we need to rely on Him.  We are told to cry out to God and He hears and comforts His people.  We are dependent on God and our own resources aren't enough.  We must avail ourselves of what God provides to face the challenges.
Primary Scripture: Various