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Delays And Detours

August 18, 2020 Series: TRIALS

Topic: DELAYS AND DETOURS Passage: Numbers 14:26-45, Acts 16:6-10, James 1:2-3, Romans 5:3-5, Romans 6:28


Since the Covid-19 has appeared the American public has struggled with all the delays and detours that have been thrown our way.  The Bible speaks much about delays and detours in the lives of God's people and we would be wise to pay attention to the advice that will help us to mature in Christ Jesus.  There is of course the classic case of Moses and Israel in the wilderness and we see their sin and how it could have been prevented by obedience and not rebelling against God.  Paul is another good example of delays and detours, but in his case the Holy Spirit prevented him for reasons that only God knew, but that didn't stop Paul from continuing another direction.

Primary Scripture: Numbers 14:26-45; Acts 16:6-10

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