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Reigniting Our Spiritual Passion

May 22, 2022 Series: Spiritual life

Topic: spiritual passion Passage: Joshua 14:1-18, Psalm 42, Acts 7, Acts 21:10-14, 2 Corinthians 11:23-28, Acts 16:7-10,

It is remarkable to see the spiritual passion that we read in the Word of the many godly people that the Lord used.  David said his soull panted and thirsted after God.  Paul is a great example to us of spiritual passion.  He had a passion for the Lord that was such that he said "for me to live is Christ."  He did not allow physical suffering to deter him from ministering for the Lord he loved.  Paul had a passion to see the lost saved.  He was willing to even be condemned if his brethren of Israel would be saved.  He had a passion for churches and the people that were part of his ministry.  The book of Philemon shows us his heart for his friends in Christ.  Paul also had a passion for the Word of God and was determined to preach it.    

Primary Scripture: Various