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Divine Appointment

March 20, 2022 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: Luke

Topic: Divine Appointment, Salvation Passage: Luke 19:1-10, Luke 18:35-43, John 6:44, Romans 3:11, John 4:23-24

One of the great accounts of the Lord Jesus seeking the sinner is found with Zacchaeus.  Some of us that are older remember singing the nice little song about Zacchaeus in church or Sunday School when we were kids.  The great truth in this passage is that we see the seeker of our souls the Lord with a divine appointment with a notorious sinner.  Our Lord came that day to save and spend time with him and we see an immediate change in the life of a man that was money hungry and took money from the poor.  First the Lord sought him and then Zacchaeus showed us the human side of salvation in seeking the Lord by faith in becoming a true son of Abraham.

Primary Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

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