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Godliness With Contentment

September 26, 2021 Series: 1 Timothy

Topic: Goliness Passage: 1 Timothy 6:6-10, Philippians 4:11, Matthew 6:19-20, Zephaniah 1:18, Matthew 6:24

Godliness With Contentment

It is rather apparent to any observer that we live in rather discontent days.  It may be because of the pandemic or perhaps it is much more than that, but it seems most people are not content.  Our passage points out that godliness with contentment is the ultimate gain, much more so than love of money or riches.  This of course is difficult for most people, as they are bombarded by the media and ads to seek riches and to buy things.  The Bible reminds us that you can't serve both God and riches, you have to wisely pick.  We are further instructed that there are dangers of sin, judgment, ingratitude to God and being led away from the Lord. 

Primary Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:6-10

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