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Christ's Compassion Doesn't Fail

September 6, 2021 Series: Luke

Topic: Christ's Compassion Passage: Luke 9:10-17, Luke 10:1, Lamentations 3:22-23, John 6:2, John 6:61-66

Christ's Compassion Doesn't Fail

The miracle of feeding the five thousand was an enormous miracle not only in scope, with probably more than twenty thousand being fed, but also what it reveals.  The miracle reminds us first of all that the people of Galilee continued to reject salvation in the Lord Jesus (John 6).  They also were in it, according to John 6, for the miraculous healings that both provided and entertained the crowd.  We also know that this miracle of the massive feeding which was an act of creation on the part of the Lord, also encouraged the people to follow for free food.  But, we also are reminded that the Lord is merciful and compassionate and it is evidenced in this passage by His care for these rather ungrateful people.

Primary Scripture: Luke 9:10-17

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