August 22, 2021

Sending Messengers

Series: Luke Topic: Sending Messengers Scripture: Luke 9:1-6, Mark 6:12

Sending Messengers

Our Lord was beginning to prepare for the cross and also began the process of preparing His messengers for the task that lay ahead of them.  The twelve would preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus and would be given authenticating miracles to show that this is the Savior and Messiah.  They would take the very minimum necessities with them and depend wholly on the Lord to provide food and shelter for them.  There are many lessons for the Lord's messengers today.  We still have the same great message to deliver, we still need to find contentment in God's good provision and we still need to know when to cautiously move on from those who refuse the truth.

Primary Scripture: Luke 9:1-6

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