August 1, 2021

Christ's Power Over Creation

Series: Luke Topic: Christ's Power Over Creation Scripture: Luke 8:22-25, Matthew 8:24

Christ's Power Over Creation

The Lord Jesus has displayed His power to the masses by miraculous healings, power over demons and even other incredible acts.  But, no one can control the weather except God and the massive power that it would take to accomplish this.  In this passage, Christ goes out on a boat on the Sea of Galilee with other disciples.  It is while He is sleeping an enormous storm kicks up on the lake and we are told in this passage, along with Matthew and Mark passages that the storm was ready to swamp and drown them.  The Lord shows His power over His creation as God by calming the storm immediately.  We are reminded of our Savior's power, including to save us from our sin.

Primary Scripture: Luke 8:22-25

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