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Examining Our Spiritual Lives

May 30, 2021 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: Luke

Topic: Examining Our Faith, Assurrance Passage: Luke 6:40-49, 2 Corinthians 13:5, James 2:19, John 14:15

Examining Our Spiritual Lives

At times we seem to not want to look too deep into our lives in case we find ourselves lacking.  But, there is a call to examine our lives to see if we are of the faith, that is if we really are born again and know Christ.  We are given some inward looks in this passage from Luke.  We see the problem of self-righteous people that want to examine others for spiritual specks in their eyes when they have a beam in their own eyes.  The problem of those who seem to go about with little or no spiritual fruit in their lives and needing to examine their hearts for the lack of this benefit.  Then there are those who claim the Lord, but need to examine themselves why they're not loving the Lord by obeying Him.  

Primary Scripture: Luke 6:40-49

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