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Characteristics Of A Pastor

April 18, 2021 Series: 1 Timothy

Topic: Characteristics Of A Pastor Passage: 1 Timothy 3:2-7, 1 Peter 1:15-16, 1 Peter 5:3, Ephesians 4:32, 1 Timothy 4:12

Characteristics Of A Pastor

The pastor is to be blameless in his life.  This doesn't mean he is without sin, but it certainly is connected to being an example to the flock in living a holy life.  All Christians are told to be holy for He is holy, but we need pastors to emulate and live it before their people.  This is also seen in marriage where they are to be a one-woman man.  In a world that has pushed aside the marriage vows, which God has ordained, the value of being blameless in marriage is important.  The pastor that fails in his marriage because of immorality or other moral failure is to be forgiven and loved, but should not be restored to his position as pastor, otherwise 1 Timothy 3 makes little sense.

Primary Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:2-7

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