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Women At The Cross

March 28, 2021 Series: Faithful Women

Topic: Faithful Women, Crucifixion Passage: John 19:25-27, Matthew 13:55, John 7:5, Luke 1:47

Women At The Cross

When Jesus went to the cross and was surrounded by enemies that taunted Him and wanted Him to suffer and die, there were these faithful women that were there for Him.  John in his Gospel wants us to be able to identify these women that followed and loved the Lord that came to support the Lord during this dark time.  One of those was His mother, Mary who watched the agony of her son and Savior in His agony as He died the substitutionary death for our sins.  Jesus gave His third saying on the cross to John and Mary for John to care for His aging mother.  The passage reminds us of the brave and committed women that love the Lord.

Primary Scripture: John 19:25-27