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March 21, 2021

Does God Save Good People?

Series: Luke Topic: Salvation Scripture: Luke 5:27-32, Matthew 11:19, Luke 19:10, Luke 18:19, 1 Timothy 1:15, Romans 5:6-10

Does God Save Good People?

One of the great deceptions that Satan imposes on humankind is that we are good people.  We readily accept it out of self-love and inflated opinions of our inherent goodness.  This passage reminds us that the Lord Jesus came to save the lost, the unrighteous, those that are sinners and know that they are bound for hell.  The reality is we all are in that boat, but most people don't see themselves that way.  Christ took Matthew, a tax gatherer, considered in that culture by reputation as a lowlife because of their thievery, extortion and evil practices and transformed him.  The Gospel is for sinners that hear and repent in faith in Christ alone.

Primary Scripture: Luke 5:27-32

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