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Jesus Heals a Leper

March 7, 2021 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: Luke

Topic: Jesus Heals Passage: Luke 5:12-16, Leviticus 14, Mark 1:40-45, John 6, Leviticus 13:45

Jesus Heals a Leper

The history of leprosy in the ancient Middle East is a grim one with little chance of survival.  Leprosy was contagious like Covid and it was like a walking dead person that was almost completely ostracized from all people, worship, social and much more.  A leper, fully diseased comes to Jesus and implores Him for healing of this horrible disease.  Jesus was willing and completely healed the man physically, but his disobedience causes uncertainty about his heart.  We are reminded in this passage that Jesus can heal the ugliness of our diseased heart of sin.

Primary Scripture: Luke 5:12-16

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