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Amazing Power Of Christ

February 28, 2021 Series: Luke

Topic: Jesus Passage: Luke 5:1-11

Amazing Power Of Christ

Jesus began to demonstrate His power over spiritual wickedness, that is the demonic by casting out demons.  He also showed His power over sin's effects on the human body by healing thousands of people wherever He went.  Jesus told the crowds that He must preach the Kingdom, that is He must preach the Gospel message of His repenting of sin and He being the redeeming Messiah.  Jesus was teaching by the Sea of Galilee and got on to the boat to teach to the thousands who came to hear Him speak and for healing.  Jesus showed His omniscience and omnipotence in the miraculous catch of fish.  Peter knows he is in the presence of Christ's holiness and repents in belief.

Primary Scripture: Luke 5:1-11

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