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Why Preaching Matters

January 17, 2021 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: Luke

Topic: Preaching Passage: Luke 3:1-18, Matthew 3:2, Matthew 3:6

Why Preaching Matters

We are reminded in this section that preaching is God's main method of dispensing His Word.  He calls godly men to preach the Word and not mince the truth.  The Lord is still calling people to repentance and faith.  John's ministry was a preaching ministry.  We are told he preached repentance and that he was very direct and pointed with his preaching.  People came out to the wilderness to confess their sins and not to cling to the rituals that they thought would save them.  They instead believed the living God and anticipated through John's preaching the soon coming of the Messiah. 

Primary Scripture: Luke 3:1-18

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