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An Angry Sinner In The Hands Of God

July 5, 2020 Series: GENESIS

Topic: Sin Passage: Genesis 37:8-14, John 3:19, Genesis 3:15-18, Numbers 32:23, Revelation 20:11-15

An Angry Sinner In The Hands Of God

Cain was not happy that neither he or his offering was accepted by God.  God showed His mercy and grace to Cain, but God liked his sin and wasn't interested in being righteous nor being forgiven.  Instead Cain lashed out in anger and murdered his brother Abel.  Cain serves as the original for wicked people that respond to their guilt by running, hiding and lying.  The Bible reminds us that our sin will find us out.  God missed nothing and began to accuse and judge Cain by cursing his life so he would be unable to successfully farm and live life as a fugitive.  Someday the righteous judge will justly judge the wicked.

Primary Scripture: Genesis 4:8-14


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