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Insincere Prayer Requests

May 12, 2020 Series: BIBLE STUDY

Topic: Prayer Passage: Jeremiah 42–43, Matthew 7:24-27

Insincere Prayer Requests

The great account of the Lord Jesus speaking of the wise man building his house on the rock because he obeyed the Word of God.  In Jeremiah 42 there seemed to be a desire to be wise on the part of the remnant left from the Babylonian destruction by their apparent desire to do whatever God revealed to Jeremiah when he prayed.  But, when God told them to stay in Judah and He would keep them safe, the remnant refused and foolishly disobeyed God and fled to Egypt.  We are reminded that sometimes we also act unwisely and disobey God even when we know the truth of God's Word.

Primary Scripture: Jeremiah 42-43; Matt.7:24-27


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