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Paul The Apostle

January 5, 2020 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: Galatians

Topic: Galatians Passage: Galatians 1:1–1:11-21, Acts 9:26-27, Acts 15:1,

Paul wrote the book of Galatians in response to those that rejected salvation in Christ by grace through faith.  Paul said there is only one gospel and it has no works involved in it.  Another conflict was that there was a reluctance by Christians and even the apostles to accept Paul's apostolic call.  In this passage Paul said that the Lord Jesus Himself by revelation not only saved him, but also called him to his distinct ministry.  Paul spent three years in the desert being taught by the Lord and this would be the same amount of time that the apostles spent with Jesus.  Paul proved that he was an apostle by how God was glorified in his ministry.

Primary Scripture: Galatians 1:1, 11-21

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