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Sacrificial Lamb Of God

August 11, 2019 Series: Crucifixion

Topic: Crucifixion Passage: Isaiah 53:7-9

The uniqueness of who could fit the prophecy of Isaiah 53 could only point to Jesus Christ as the sacrificial Lamb of God.  There has never been anyone that faintly resembled the fulfilling of this prophecy but Jesus.  We are reminded that this incredible prophetic passage is about the Savior who died sacrificially for our sins and not about saving us from our physical afflictions.  Jesus we are told was like a lamb going to slaughter and opened not His mouth, this certainly demonstrated the willingness of Christ to die for our sin.  We are told that no one defended our Savior (declared His generation) and He went to the grave not as a criminal but instead the Father gave Him a grave with a rich man.

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