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July 29, 2018

Christians Of Antioch

Series: ACTS Topic: The Book of Acts Scripture: Acts 111-26

Peter is taken to the carpet by the Apostles and early Church leaders for eating and mingling with Gentiles.  Peter told them that this is of God and communicated for the third time this account where the wall between Jews and Gentiles were broken by God.  Those that believe would be considered the Body of Christ no matter their people group.  The wedge between the early Church begins widen with not only the execution of Stephen as a martyr, but also James in chapter 12.  But, despite persecution the Church goes forth and spreads.  The disciples go as far as Antioch in Syria at this time and many are evangelized and believe what we have is the beginning of Gentile churches that know and love the Lord.  The church was strengthened by the Gospel and discipleship of Paul and Barnabas.

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