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July 15, 2018


Series: ACTS Topic: The Book of Acts Scripture: Acts 10:1-23

We are reminded in Scripture that God is not partial.  He sees fit to save not only male and female, but rich and poor, and also He did not restrict salvation to the Jews but opened the door that Gentiles would abundantly hear the Gospel and be saved.  In this passage the Lord chose a devout Gentile to receive a vision to bring the leader of the Apostles, Peter to come to him.  The Lord had to not only prepare the heart of Cornelius but also Peter who likewise received a vision.  Peter had to understand that God was unifying the Jews and the Gentiles by taking away the restrictions of Judaical laws that separated them from the Gentiles including the uncleanness of food.  The Church is the Bride of Christ and the saved Jews needed to come to grips with what God had accomplished.

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