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Paul's Zeal For Christ

July 1, 2018 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: Acts of the Apostles

Topic: Zeal For Chrisr Passage: Acts 9:20-30

Paul immediately began to tell the people that were his friends and partners in the synagogues about Jesus Christ.  He gave them the Gospel and they no longer wanted to be his friend and in fact wanted to kill him.  Paul went off to Arabia to learn and to receive revelation from the Lord for a period of three years.  Paul returned to Damascus and it is obvious the Jewish leaders no longer wanted Paul to preach Christ to them so they plotted to kill him and not let him out of the city.  This of course was the daring escape with Paul's brothers in Christ letting him through a window at night on the city wall with a basket.  Paul went to Jerusalem to join up with the apostles that are suspicious of this notorious man with the awful reputation against Christians.  Paul found an encouraging and helpful friend in Barnabas to help win him over.

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