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Simon's False Profession

May 27, 2018 Pastor: Eric Cuenin Series: ACTS

Topic: The Book of Acts Passage: Genesis 8:9-24

People want a quick answer to their problems in modern times including for their spiritual lives.  Churches and ministries today often offer a short cut to getting saved.  It may be to merely raise your hand if you want Christ or perhaps little more than "just ask Jesus in your heart."  According to polls that include evangelicals there seem to be an extraordinary amount of people in this select group that neither believe in the Bible totally nor believe that salvation is in Christ alone.  This along with abysmal ungodliness on many so called Christians remind us that many have not been truly saved.  We meet Simon in this passage, a magician that makes a profession for Christ, but we find that it is not legitimate.  He is a man with other ambitions than Christ and proves to be a false convert.

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