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Sin Are You For It Or Against It?


Sin Are You For It Or Against It?

August 2018  Blog


In the comic strip One Big Happy by Rick Detorie, the grandfather asks his little granddaughter, “Ruthie what did you learn in Sunday School this week?”  She replied, “Mrs. Watson told us all about sin.”  The grandfather then asked, “Oh, is she for it or against it?”

This particular comic caught my attention because first of all the little girl went to Sunday School which is not all that common anymore.  Second of all the writer mentioned sin, which is obviously not winning any popularity contests in church circles.  Many churches fear that the communicating of sin will cause people to flee out the back door for being too negative or perhaps they will be accused of hate speech because sin made someone feel bad. 

None of us, it seems, can be neutral about sin.  Our aim as Christians should be to agree with God and what He says about sin.  Unfortunately most people and that includes Christians seem to treasure some sin that they might have lurking in their lives.  So, we might not be against some sin that we may particularly have a fondness for.  This might bring some conflicts in our hearts if we have a sense of neutrality about some sins. 

Here are two conflicts that we face in dealing with sin.

  1. First we are more likely to dismiss our own sin and to see the sins of others. We like to rationalize away our wrong doings, convince ourselves that we are not sinning.  Perhaps it is because we like that sin and it becomes a pet or what some call a besetting sin.  We may be convicted by the Holy Spirit that it’s wrong but it has been a companion far too long.  Meanwhile we are quick to see the speck in the eye of others and call it out while missing the tree sticking out of our own eye, Matthew 7:3.
  2. One other conflict that can create neutrality of sin in our hearts is our refusal to put to death our old sinful ways and lusts, Col.3:5. By the time we get to Col.3:12, we are told that we are holy and to be antagonistic toward sin and to be filled with good works. It’s hard for most believers to kill off some sin or sins that they like to treasure. Yet that is our calling in the Lord that we are to be blameless and harmless children of God and to shine as lights in this old world, Phil.2:15.  Christ said that you can’t be neutral toward Him, Matt.12:30 and the same can be said about sin.

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