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Don’t Lose Heart

Most of us have been profoundly affected by the recent Covid-19 virus.  Sadly, it has caused many people to lose heart because of the fear and stress that this virus has created.  It is sometimes hard to calm the tempest that roars in hearts that have been stirred by the tumult of this virus.  People are searching to stay well, but they are also trying to find a source of strength, just someone or something to hang on to, or maybe to them. 

Several years ago, I read the sad account of the result of bombing raids during World War II in Dennis Linn’s book, Sleeping With Bread.  Linn told of the heartbreaking result of hundreds of children that were orphaned and starving as a result of these bombings.  When they were rescued, they were put in refugee camps to receive all the necessities of life.  Even though they received proper care, the children struggled to feel secure and couldn’t sleep at night.  The adults tried to encourage the children that it was alright now, but they still couldn’t sleep.  Then one of those in charge suggested that they take a loaf of bread with them to hold when they go to sleep, remarkably  the sleeplessness and upset stopped.  The children they found were afraid that they would wake up homeless and hungry, but now they had something to hang on to and were reminded not to lose heart.

The Bible tells us that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear.” Ps.46:1-2.  Later in that same chapter we are told “the Lord of hosts is with us and to be still and know that I am God.”   “God is our fortress and strength” and is the Good Shepherd that “leads us beside the still waters.”  He is our provision that is much better than the loaf of bread that comforted the little children.  When we think we might lose heart it is of great comfort and strength to know that the Lord of glory holds on to us.  “Your mercy, O Lord, will hold me up,” Ps.94:18.  

Reminded of Keith Getty’s song He Will Hold Me Fast: 

When I fear my faith will fail, Christ will hold me fast;

When the tempter would prevail, He will hold me fast.

I could never keep my hold through life's fearful path;

For my love is often cold; He must hold me fast.

He will hold me fast, He will hold me fast;

For my Saviour loves me so, He will hold me fast.

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